Dangerous Mission, 2011-12, center panel


Ric Haynes
Dangerous Mission, 2011-12
triptych, oil on canvas
60 x 126 inches

Ric Haynes

Children of the Empire
The family romance of wishing I had different parents, befriending the enemy, finding what was lost, and bringing back everything that gave me joy as a child have been ongoing yearnings I have been able to resolve through my art work. 

I am also interested in how endings start new beginnings. As I began this series of work I thought to myself, “What would happen if the space program were to be conducted in the back yards of farm houses in Pennsylvania?”  Then who would go into space: naughty children, dreamers, those expendable for experimentation, maybe someone to be removed and placed on another planet and forgotten, or those responding to the call of a better place - an “empire” in the sky? 

My work embraces all of these aspects from my imagination and life. As the work started to roll, the characters became more defined and the situations became both more tangible yet surreal. In the end we are left with the confrontation between viewers and objects that can hopefully inform us of a universe living within us all.


review by
Charles Giuliano