Jo Ann Rothschild
After Chicago, 2008-2009
oil on canvas
84 X 66 inches


Jo Ann Rothschild
Current Events, 2011
oil on canvas
84 x 66 inches

Jo Ann Rothschild

Painting keeps being interesting to me, even though the language I use may be the same language I began to define and discover thirty years ago. It is a language of grids, interrupted by marks and lines. Expectations set up and deceived. Regularity disrupted by touch. Rhythms established and changed. It's not that I make the same paintings over and over again. If problems did not continue to present themselves, I hope I would do something more immediately practical.

My first teacher, the late Leo Garel, referred to art as the extra organ for the emotions.We have ears for hearing, and eyes for looking, but our feelings occupy our whole body, our stomach can get tense, we have headaches our mouth gets dry. There is no special part of the body for our feelings and so these are expressed and felt with our whole being. At its best, art supplies an external organ, a structure for emotions.

My new paintings are all about painting. They are modest in their assumptions. They are resolutely themselves. There is no trickery or cleverness. They confirm our presence in front of the work and not in some imaginary, theoretical, literary space. At all times the dialogue is between viewer and painting.