Big Boy (Still Life with 2 Toys), 2010
oil on panel, 9.375 x 7.3125 inches



Brownie Camera (Still Life with Cardboard and Steel), 2007
oil on panel, 8.875 x 6.875 inches



Holstein Cow (Still Life with Polyethelene, Dye and Paint), 2009
oil on panel, 9.75 x 11.75 inches



The Hunter (Still Life with 2 Toys), 2010
oil on panel, 10 x 19 inches



Jubilee (Still Life with 4 Toys), 2010
oil on panel, 11 x 19 inches



9/26/60: In Focus (Still Life with 3 Toys), 2010
oil on panel, 9.625 x 14.75 inches



Forest for the Trees (Still Life with 2 Toys), 2011
oil on panel, 8.5 x 12.875 inches



Tip of the Spear (Still Life with 10 Toys), 2010
oil on panel, 7.5 x 23.625 inches



Boating Party (Still Life with Toy and Photo), 2010
oil on panel, 11.1 x 8.75 inches



Desire and Denial (Still Life with Toy and Photo), 2010
oil on panel, 11.625 x 7.25 inches



Shooting Victim (Still Life with 3 Toys), 2010
oil on panel, 8.1 x 14.5 inches



Men Protecting Their Interest (Still Life with 7 Toys and Currency), 2011
oil on panel, 10.5 x 24 inches



Shotgun (Still Life with 4 Toys), 2010
oil on panel, 9.8 x 13.5 inches



Actions and Words (Still Life with 3 Toys), 2010
oil on panel, 9.1 x 19 inches



Lost Leverage (Still Life with Hammer and Toy), 2007-08
oil on panel, 10.625 x 11.9 inches



Fallen Soldier (Still Life with Polyethelene), 2007
oil on panel, 9.25 x 8.625 inches



The Censors (Still Life with 3 Toys), 2011
oil on panel, 7.875 x 14.125 inches



Flight (Still Life with Trophy Figure and Toy), 2009
oil on panel, 11.75 x 21.3 inches



Pondering Origin (Still Life with Figurine, Chisel and Hammer), 2009-11
oil on panel, 13.875 x 22.25 inches



Fat Man (Still Life with Toy and Photo), 2010
oil on panel, 11 x 10 inches

Gerry Perrino

Syntactic Structures
I am fascinated with symbolism
as it applies to the notion of visual metaphor. I am generally not concerned with a traditional, prescribed symbolism that has been derived from ancient sources. My aim is to engage the viewer using metaphoric symbols that create direct and accessible narratives.

Context and syntax are the paramount elements in transforming banal objects into metaphoric symbols. For instance, given the right conditions concerning context and syntax,
a broken hammer could reflect a maimed warrior; a mallet and chisel could be used to imply the Creator; or a running figure might be seen as either heroic or cowardly. The environment in which such objects are placed is the key to establishing metaphoric symbolism within them.

Over the course of this work's production, figurines were capriciously introduced as subject matter. It is worth noting how
their use has transformed these paintings. Following their introduction, they soon became the dominant elements in subsequent work. I came to find that the inclusion of figures greatly amplified the expressive potential of the paintings. Inclusion of these elements seems to concentrate the work's thematic focus directly into the area of human relationships. I have found this topic to be remarkably rich and intriguing. I am excited at the prospect of continuing to explore and exploit the potential that their use presents.

I ultimately hope to stimulate thought and discussion with this work. Despite the fact that titles may imply a specific narrative for each piece, I have found that the fresh perspective that viewers bring to the work has uncovered avenues of thought that I had not previously considered. Thus far, I have been pleased with the amount of engagement and response that the images seem
to generate.

Gerry Perrino